May 13, 2002
Our backyard changed somewhat this Monday. Click here to see what happened.

Granpa Mason made an unplanned trip to the grocery for "Tofu" the other day. Be careful what you promise Alayna, she'll call you on it. Thankfully Von's is just around the corner.

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Boa Photoshoot & Fashion Fun • January 13, 2001

A page full of pretty little Alayna. She's growing up so quickly. I will try to keep her site up to date with the most current pictures and stories.

Andrea will write her own page. I'm sure she'll want to let you all know about current events here in California as well as with her family in Colorado and Kansas.

Me? who knows what I'll keep in my area. Maybe I will bore you with witty anecdotes and amateur astronomy trivia. Then again, maybe not.

Vacation and Outing pics. If you dare take a trip with us, you may find your picture here. If you're not happy about that, I'm open to bribes.

Christmas 2000 Pictures Are Here! Click To See 'em.

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