Here are two in the mood to party! Alayna and her friend Ava start our night off with grand plans of staying up to see in the new year. Neither of them made it. Mom, Alayna and Dad pose as a family one last time in the year 2000. Ellen, Thank you for taking this snapshot. I wish we had taken a few pictures of you and Richard before you left... I blew it! Glen and pretty Nancy pose, briefly, for a picture before he had to get back into the friendly skies. Thanks for coming the furthest to attend our party Glen. (and thank you Nance for bringing him.)
"...grasp firmly, point away from face and eyes, twist cork..." Roger reads the directions while Angella takes cover. Still having trouble with that pesky bottle of bubbly, Roger seeks advice from his darling wife Susan. Hey Susan, did he ever crack that cider? "...was this big!!! And that's why firemen drive red trucks!" Mary endures yet another of Linda's firemen anectdotes. (Hey mom, there's enough going on in this picture to ground Linda for months.)
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