Andrea takes a break to smile at the camera then she gave the cameraman a big New Year smooch. "TA DA!!!" Roger finally shows that bottle of bubbly who is boss! Happy New Year to you too buddy. Richard gets a big holiday hug from his sweet wife Angella. I think she just goosed him too.
Dan-The-Man Ota imbibing the bubbly and blowing smoke during the first few moment s of the new millenium. Standing by her man, pretty Pam smiles for the camera. Brent and Kissten (as Alayna so fondly calls her) ham it up with Mr. Cheese himself. Thanks so much for coming Richard.
Kristen and me take our turn in front of the lens. I owe that girl at least one hangover this year. (She taught me, the hard way, everything I know about bartending.) Andrea and Nancy smile and hug. We're so glad you "told" us to throw the party Nance. It was your Idea and a great one! Angella listens in to a session of "Photographers Chat". Here's a topic for you: f-stops or aperture, what's best to control exposure?
"Mistletoe? Who needs Mistletoe?!" Glen and Nancy snuggle well after midnight. Smiling pretty, Kristen and Andrea toast. To a great year girls. Andrea gives me a big hug. There's that pipe again too! What started as a funny prop for our Christmas card picture has ended up as a new favourite leisure tool for dad.
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