We spent this Easter with Grandma & Grampa, Anti Linda and Murph the pooch. March 31, 2002.

As always, Alayna just loves it in ”Gramma's” back yard.

This girl was on a missioin. She actually started before anyone was even watching. Luckily the Easter Bunny had already been there.

Once we all made it out back, Alayna, was hot-on-the-trail again.

Of course there had to be a few poses.

And maybe a few more.

But finally all the eggs had been found and a rest and roll in the grass was the reward.

Obviously this was a fun day.

Grandpa, Alayna and Gramma say ”Cheese“. Another Great Easter.

Bratty Anti Linda and Murphy. Shot by little Alayna.

Me? Well I get the kisses.

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