1) We took another trip to Disneyland last week (Dec. 9, 2000). But before we left, Alayna decided to dress herself. Since she's too young to have been influenced directly by, or even to remember, Toni Basil I figure she must be "channeling" for her.
2) The first thing we simply MUST do after entering the park is to ride the "Horshe". Alayna's very favourite ride is King Arthur's Carousel in Fantasyland.
Lines are inevitable at Dland so we make the best of them. Initially I was afraid that Alayna might not take well to the que and that all the waiting might start to wear thin on her but she's been nothing but a trooper since day one!

Here she's laughing with her momma.

3) Next, a spin on the "Cups" and more specifically the "Yellow Cup" is in order.

Alayna just loves this ride. Once we all get inside, mom, dad and Alayna blow in unison before taking big imaginary sips of tea.

Memba‘ that old gag stinky uncle joe would always try on you?!

Alayna's always a sport when her daddy asks her to "pull his finger!"

6) Alayna and mommy with Mister Toad. The first time we took her on this ride, just late last October, she'd cover her ears with her hands and watch it all wide eyed with wonder. Now she drives.
Daddy with his little Alaynika on his favourite Dland ride.
Did i mention that there is a lot of laughing at this place?!!

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