We woke up to lots and lots of presents. It's now the night of the 26th and Alayna still hasn't finished opening all of hers. Candy Cane Girl poses with her new bathrobe. Thank you aunti Pat, unkie Paul and cousin Michaela.
Andrea and Alayna "doing their thing" during a rare Christmas morning respite. When Alayna woke up I asked her what today was. She replied "KISMAS!" Daddy gets a gift hand delivered. (see me eyeing that viewmaster? look below).
The Fisher-Price® Electronic Kitchen -O-Matic 3000 was, and is, a hit!!! Taaa Daaaa!!! Alayna's Oma sent her a wonderful little stroller. But even better, she found and sent Andrea's old doll Schlummele too.
Mom's turn to get a gift. Hand delivered, again, by little Alayna. Okay, all right, I got Alayna the viewmaster for less than unselfish reasons. Viemasters are kewl! Schlummele, Alayna and Andrea.
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