Monday the 13th turned out to be as unlucky as the Friday variety here in Rancho Santa Margarita, or so Andrea said. I think she is right.

Temperatures were high for the second day in a row and we have had another record low rainfall total this last winter. That coupled with a few high school kids walking home at the end of their day by the dry hillsides proved the perfect combination. We were due, I suppose, as we haven't had a big fire here since the mid 90's and the wilderness was thick, desiccated and ripe to burn. Thankfully there were no Santa Ana's blowing.

The Ground Effort

Click here to see more pictures of the crews and crews and trucks and trucks that came out to help us with our little problem. I saw rigs from Burbank, Compton, L.A. and San Bernardino. The boys above are from Brent's town of Sante Fe Springs.

The Air Assault

Click here to see tons and tons of water dropping helo's and chemical tankers.
These flew over our house constantly, dipping their buckets into the golf course lakes and ponds. A QuickTime video shows you how close.

The Fire

Click here to see some of many (I fired off 160 digital and 36 film images) pictures taken during the day of this 1100 acre blaze. I'll put only the best up.

Coming Soon

Click Here

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