Planes dropping fire retarding chemicals were many. Add in six water toting helicopters plus those belonging to the news media and you have quite a crowd up there.

These guys were amazing, they dive bombed the ridge and the valley behind it over and over all afternoon long.

When the big tankers had left to refuel and reload, close air support was provided by the helo's.

This strange looking helicopter looked to be some type of Sikorsky variant but I am not sure. I will have Uncle Gerhard confirm this for me.

After each copter made a drop it would need to scoop up another bucket of water. That water happened to be the lake at the golf course just across the street.

That golf course lake happens to be directly between us and the fire. There was a constant line of Hueys flying low overhead.

Here's a sequence showing how they do it. Right behind this copter another two wait.

I walked out onto the green and sat under the trees only twenty yards or so from the waters edge. I guess I set a bad precident as after I left folks followed my poor example and crowded in.

Eventually a Sheriffs deputy had to come out and, over his loudspeaker, threaten the crowd away. LOL, well I got MY shot anyway.

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