With a full week of beautiful hot weather, we chalked up yet another fun trip to Lake Powell.
Top Row (From Left): Linda "Stinky" Mason, Brent "Hey-Hey" Hayward, "White Toed" Kristen, "Roostertailing" Jodi, Jimmy "Bloodhound Rappin" Smallwood, "Have you seen my boat?" Corey, "Tawny" Tonia and "Wave Roiling & Rockin" Al. On the Stairs: "Ankle Deep" Andrea and "Jerkwater" Jay
Al with his pal's enjoy the setting sun. On day two, most of the crew took a trip out to "Rainbow Bridge". I was still tired from the 75 mile Seadoo trip in so opted out this time. I heard they had a great view.
Kristen and the "Twins" causing trouble. Blame it on the sun or maybe the tequila... okay definately the tequila.
Me and Andrea sitting in a tree. Kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-en... you know the rest. Mighty Alan works his way out of the water. I have never seen anyone that can hang on so long while being submerged so deep as Al can. All this without the aid of a snorkle. Amazing.
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