What a fun lot!!! From left to right: Cap'n Al, pretty Pat, lovely Andrea, giggling Amanda, Me, bratty Linda, Water Churnin' Chuck, Mountain Man Paul, Brentster the Good Beaver and darlin' Kristen

Ya know what? There aint no brakes on these things!!!

This picture was snapped by Kristen on our way back from exploring the Escalante arm of Lake Powell. I think this was a Thursday.

Cap'n Al manning
the controls.

Don't be fooled, he drove the boat like this the entire time... we shoulda put the salsa in front of him.

Look Ma!!! Linda never wore a sweater like she promised she would!!!

Oh yeah... do I ever have some stories! Ask her about Glitter Gulch and those rum & cokes.

The water temp varied from place to place but i would guess that it averaged about 78º-80ºf. Air temp was usually between 90º-105ºf.

Pat and Paul.

These two were always up to no good so Cap'n Al made them sit out most of their vacation here on top of "Time Out" rock.

The Good Beaver and his gal take a quick break to see "Rainbow Bridge".

Eight of our group o' ten took an afternoon to go down to Dangling Rope marina for supplies (mainly ice). On their way to or from the marina (i'm not sure as i didn't go) they stopped to look at the worlds largest freestanding arch... Rainbow Bridge.

Remember that rule people!!! "Three feet of water and one hundred feet apart"

--or was that--

"Three beers an hour, as it gets hotter, and a shooter or two when ya start!"

i kept forgetting...

so that's me pushing.

We saw some beautiful things along the way. This is an arch forming in the Davis Gulch sidearm of the Escalante.

Andrea and i took a slow speed SeaDoo trip into this canyon. It was magical. What you cannot see here is the immensity of this thing. if you were to look up, you would find the top of this arch towering another 300ft. above your head. After taking this in for about five minutes we motored around a hairpin bend to the other side. Paradise!

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