Mom took Alayna down the street to the beach yesterday to soak up the sun, dangle some toes and dance on the sand. I wouldn't exactly say it's beach weather quite yet but it sure was a beautiful day. April 19, 2002

There will be a link here shortly which will take you to more pictures. Promise!

For general images of Alayna, pictures and stories that aren't necessarily part of an event or larger picture montage, click on “Alayna’s World” to see them. I'll try to add things regularly and perhaps a simple chronological order will work out okay. I'm open to suggestions though so please feel free to make me aware of your ideas.

Web Buddies

Alayna has some friends here on the web that she'd like you to meet. As soon as we get Connor‘s Dads permission we'll add a link from hers to his.


Oh boy does this girl have a lot of cousins and their Mommy's and Daddy's sure have sent a lot of pictures. We'll post the best of those we get right here.

More Coming Soon!

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