M42 - The Great Orion Nebula. 8" f/6 Newtonian
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. February 3, 2005

Nikon D100, ISO 800 @ Prime focus. Composite of 7 - 30 second exposures layerd in Photoshop CS.

Solar Transit Of Mercury- November 15, 1999.
Late one afternoon in November of '99, we here on the West Coast were treated to a fascinating event not seen too terribly often in a lifetime... the planet Mercury crossing the face of the sun. It was a nice treat to simply drag a scope out of the garage and see something special. Usually observing sites are much less convenient.

DS-16 with 6" aperture mask. Thousand Oaks Type II solar filter. Olympus OM-1 and Kodachrome 64 emulsion.

Total Solar Eclipse
Todos Santos, Baja California. July 11, 1991

One word... FANTASTIC!!!!
This was one of those events in your life that changes you forever. Imagine standing on a deserted Mexican beach, lambada music blaring, friends dancing, excited voices yammering and then wham... midday turns to night. Click below to see and hear more about it.



Digital Neighborhood
Click on the label for Mars, Jupiter or Saturn to see my ongoing attempts at imaging each of these neighbors. Images of planets Mercury and Venus are coming soon (I need to wait for better astronomical geometry to get clearer shots of them).

Lunar Eclipse 2003
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Annular Eclipse 1992
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Total Eclipse 1999
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Moon Mars Conjunction 1992
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Stars and Clusters
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Coming Soon:
Sept. 30 - October 2: Nightfall - RTMC @ Borrego Springs, CA.
August 11 - 12, 2006: Persied Meteors @ Anza Borrego.

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