If you look closely at the image to the right, you can just make out the horizon and Pacific Ocean >

Right on the heals of the great total eclipse of '91 was a similar but different Sun/Moon event; an annular eclipse. We didn't have to do much traveling for this one as the center line fell only a few miles from home (Somewhere between us and San Diego).

We were really lucky to have a great, if a bit cloudy, view of the Sun and Moon in full eclipse setting over the ocean. It depends, I suppose, on your point of view but I really thought the clouds worked well for this astronomical dance. Adding drama and an earthly element to my compositions.

Okay, okay, regarding my compositions, so my images are a little crooked! =;o) I was still a novice at this type of imaging and a little more than a lot paranoid about looking directly at the surface of the sun through an unfiltered telescope. I guess I didn't square my horizon as well as I should have. That Sun and ocean image (top left) had to be rotated 8 degrees for this web page. LOL.

As with the Baja eclipse, all pictures were shot with the 8" (20cm) f6 Newt at prime focus (1200mm) and using Kodachrome 64 - 35mm film.

For the path, data and other information about this eclipse go to Fred Espenak's Eclipse Resource at:
Fred Espenak

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