Here Brent and Amanda take me for a drag. We found that skiing from the back of the SeaDoo's was a fun and easy thing to do.

But nothing beats an overpowered I/O for tearing limbs out from their sockets! Al Pal couldn't comb his hair after this ride.

Here's how we lived for a week. Tough huh? Funny thing tho, when i got home, i woke up every night for almost two weeks to check on those silly anchor lines. LOL!!!! i'm happy to report that i am over it now and finally sleeping through 'til morning.

Mountain Man Paul woke us up one morning and talked Kevin and me into an early rock climb. i always thought he was a little crazy. Now i know that he aint "a little" anything!!! Oh well, the view was well worth the wet shorts =;o)

Amanda and Al Pal.
This was a rare occurance. Usually Amanda had her right hand depressing the watercraft's throttle 'til it left deep, long lasting marks in the plastic of the grip. I know this as i took my first SeaDoo ride with her. Amanda reverts to a calming, MANIACAL LAUGH whenever she has me holding on behind. It is a wonder that i didn't come home with a completely white head of hair. Thanks for the ride darling =:o)

Amanda, Cap'n Al, Pat and Andrea.

Many sunsets were enjoyed from the beach with something cool to drink and lots of great conversation. You'll notice that i'm not in this picture, i was banned to the "rock" for doing an unsanctioned Macarena.

They deemed it obscene.

Jay and Brent

Does anything really need to be said here?

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